A State University of Government of Assam constituted by "Assam Science and Technology University Act, 2009"

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About The University

Assam Science and Technology University is established on 4th January, 2010 by the Act, 2009 and notified by the Govt. of Assam vide letter No. ATE.222/2008/48, dated 26th Feb, 2010 that the Assam Science and Technology University Act 2009 shall come into force with immediate effect.

The aim of ASTU is to bring all existing Engineering Colleges/Institutions in a common platform to follow same course curriculum. The course curriculum has been designed as per guidelines of AICTE and at par with some of the prestigious universities of National and international repute. This will help our students to compete with other students anywhere.

The University is located at Jalukbari, Guwahati-13.

The aims of the University are:

  1. To Provide for instructions and research through its affiliated colleges and institutions, in the science technology education and other professional subjects and in other spheres of learning and knowledge of a standard and thoroughness required and expected of a University of the highest standing, and to secure the advancement, diffusion and extension of knowledge in all sphere of learning.
  2. To hold examinations and to grant and confer degrees, diplomas, certificates or other academic distinctions and to deprive of any degrees, diplomas, certificate or distinctions previously granted to or conferred upon them by the University for good and sufficient causes.
  3. To institute and award fellowships, scholarships, exhibitions and prizes.
  4. To affiliate and recognize colleges imparting education of the line of study as mentioned in point no 1 and to withdraw any such recognition or affiliation as the case may be.
  5. To regulate and enforce discipline among employees of the University and to take such discipline measures in this regards as may be deemed necessary.
  6. To determine and provide for examinations for admission into the colleges affiliated to the University.
  7. To affiliate with it or admit to any of its privileges or to recognize for any purpose either in whole or in part, any college or institution or members or student thereof, on such terms and conditions as may from time to time, be prescribed, and to withdraw such affiliation, privileges and recognition previously granted, for good and sufficient reasons.
  8.  To co-operate with any other University, Authority or Association or any other Public or Private body having in view the promotion of purposes and objects similar to those of the University to act upon any such body, Authority or Association for such purposes as may be agreed upon, on such terms and conditions as may, from time to time, be prescribed
  9. Demand receive payment of such fees and other charges as may be prescribed from time to time.
  10. To acquire, hold, manage and dispose of any property movable or immovable, including must or endowed property within or outside the University area, for the purposes or objects of the University, and to invest any funds representing such property in such manners as the university thinks fit.
  11. To borrow the approval of State Government, on the security of the University property, money for the purposes of the university and 
  12. To introduce higher and modern courses.
  13. To provide platform to discuss the kind of technical education necessary for the State of Assam and to provide areas /venue to pursue Higher Education.